for every body

HYROX365 is a holistic training and education ecosystem, catering to affiliated partners and designed to accommodate all training providers with dynamic solutions. HYROX365 aims to make healthy performance training accessible for everybody.



HYROX365 translates the HYROX race fundamentals into a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to performance fitness that caters to not just HYROX participants, but any athlete and empowers coaches to take a holistic view on an athlete’s physical and mental fitness journey.


The HYROX Academy covers all aspects of athlete and performance development, periodisation, biomechanics, nutrition, business strategy and race development written by industry and science backed experts, all delivered through an innovative learning management system.


Fitness has been the fastest growing sport in the last twenty years and today is the sport with the most organized members worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of different gyms, boxes, bootcamp clubs, and PT studios. HYROX provides your members a new purpose to fuel their training and a new sport to compete in. Their sport is HYROX.

HYROX365 is centered around the notion that HYROX can be trained ANYWHERE and ANYTIME, 365 days a year. Whether that is at a gym, with a coach, or using a digital app to train at home, HYROX athletes will find the platform that best suits their training and community needs.

The HYROX Affiliation Program is a partnership built around the growing appetite of members, subscribers or clients to train with purpose and provide your business with the necessary tools and services necessary to integrate HYROX.