HYROX TRAINING CLUBS are the backbone of the global HYROX community.
Accredited HYROX TRAINING CLUBS are affiliated facilities that can offer HYROX Training and advertise and market their services whilst leveraging the HYROX brand name.



1. HYROX Training + Classes

  • Offer accessible HYROX Group Classes to your members.

2. HYROX TRAINING CLUB title rights

  • Include the TRAINING CLUB title in your gym name and business communication.

3. HYROX and HYROX365 name, brand, and logo rights

  • Use the HYROX brand and approved imagery in print and digital marketing materials.



  • Be featured on the official TRAINING CLUB Finder on the HYROX website.

2. Monetize HYROX Training & In-House Competitions

  • Host and Conduct Training Sessions: Use the HYROX name to run classes that draw in fitness enthusiasts.
  • Organize Small Events: Utilize the HYROX brand for in-house competitions, ensuring clarity that these are not official HYROX events.
  • Run PFT and Benchmark Workouts: Engage your clients with structured fitness challenges.


Developed by David Magida, head of affiliate programming, all HYROX TRAINING CLUBS receive access to HYROX GROUP TRAINING which is a complete functional athletic workout program implementing endurance, strength endurance, power, aerobic capacity on a daily basis.

Each week, the HYROX365 program will offer four different focal points in training and therefore in workout formats, focused on developing HYROX fitness in four different manners.

Having a scheme of four different focal points in training during a week refers to the systematic planning of athletic or physical training intended to bring the athlete or individual to the peak of their performative abilities. By breaking down the training into specific focal points, we can allow for more effective and efficient training.

The training is structured in such a way that it optimizes the use of equipment and floor space to allow for maximum capacity classes.  


This ‘all-in-one’ platform provides affiliated HYROX Training Clubs access to an evergreen library of daily programming tools, class tutorials, marketing materials and more… 

Whether you want a complete daily programming solution or to simply supplement your existing sessions; the Performance Hub meets you where you and your coaches are. It’s  your gym, you decide.

Academy + Education

Free Access to our “Foundation Level” course for all affiliate coaches.

One Free License for our “Level 1” Academy Online course for those who sign up before September 14th, 2024. Sharpen your coaching skills with top-tier education.

How to Become a HYROX Training Club

A Step-by-Step Guide

Create Your HYROX365 Account

Click the button below or here to get started. This will take you to the HYROX365 registration page.

We will send you a Verification Code. Please check your Spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.


Once logged into your HYROX365 account, look for a button at the bottom of the page that says, "BECOME A HYROX TRAINING CLUB TODAY". Click on it!

E-sign the Online Affiliation Agreement

Choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly. (Contractual period is always 12 months!)

Follow the steps and fill out the webform.

Carefully read the terms and conditions of the affiliation agreement.

When you're ready, e-sign the agreement electronically.

Activate Your Account

After e-signing, you will see a button prompting you to "Activate your account". Click on it. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Fill out the checkout form with your business address and payment details. This step is crucial to finalize your registration and secure your spot as a HYROX TRAINING CLUB.

Receive Your Welcome Email

After completing the checkout form, you will receive a Welcome Email. This email will include further instructions on how to get listed in the HYROX TRAINING CLUB Finder and other useful resources to help you get started.

Either use the link in the Welcome Email or click here to get back to your Gym Portal Account on the website.